Our conference provides a forum for tax & accounts payable professionals to exchange ideas & best practices.

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Comprehensive workshops cover basic to advanced regulatory issues & provide specialized training on some of the best compliance software tools available today. Education forum workshops are scheduled every day to allow attendees to interact with their peers and to actively participate in each session. This format allows the attendees the opportunity to attend general sessions conducted by recognized experts in the industry, IRS, SSA & State agencies.
No other tax and accounting conference provides such an in-depth and diverse forum on regulatory tax requirements, withholding and information returns (1099, 1042-S, W-2), US and foreign payments reporting and withholding regulations, penalty and financial risk assessment and reduction, employment tax, state escheatment, unemployment, payroll issues, AP regulatory education, AP processes and best practices, review of new and pending federal and state legislation, recommended procedures and processes.
We address the major Federal and State Regulatory Tax requirements that all U.S. organizations are required to be knowledgeable of, how they apply to their business and comply with the myriad of regulations that impact U.S. organizations. At this conference, attendees will have access to sessions that cover the various tax related issues, interaction and networking with subject matter experts and their peers in the business community.
It is open and applicable to all levels – beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Beginner orientation sessions and a workshop track are available for attendees who are new to the area of information reporting and withholding requirements as well as accounts payable. Sessions apply to professionals in legal, tax and accounting areas. The focus of this conference is to concentrate on the payee and payment issues, processes, and management issues required to comply with the regulations that impact all organizations. These issues include: sound accounting practices, accounts payable processes, withholding, and compliance issues such as IRS and State regulatory requirements pertaining to the many tax compliance challenges.